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May 9, 2011
Went to Crazy Horse Monument yesterday for Mother's Day, it was a delightful day.  Not many people there and the monument is just as amazing as it was 5 years ago.  Here are a few photos more can be seen on the SD photo page

When we were here in 2005, the arm had just been started as you can see from the photo I took, top, it has been extended and now work on the horse has begun.  The Photo, all white, is the 1/3 scale model of the sculpture. Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, started the project in 1948 with $175 in his pocket, was about 40 years of age, Standing Bear invited the man to build a tribute to his tribe.  Korczak died in 1982. his wife Ruth is still on the board of Directors working in concert with the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.  The work is all done thru contributions from the sale of souvenirs and donations.  Such as one donated to raise funds as this one.  It was raffled off and the person who won it donated it back to the museum.  Right now they have a Harley up for raffle $20 for 10 tickets or $50 buys you 50 tickets.

We have had a great time here in the area, the RV park we are in is wonderful, grass is green and Keri has been enjoying her walks.  Right outside of the entrance besides Old MacDonald's Farm is the sample of the Presidential Botanic Gardens in Deadwood/Lead area.  Here is what they have sculptured to entice you to go to Deadwood. Each are large, the likeness is unique, they do not say who is the sculpture but they have done a great job.  We are too far away from Deadwood to go, if we are ever in the area I would love to go see.  Right now they say they have 48 Presidents in the Gardens.

There are a lot of rock sculpture in the area, it seems the black hills beckon people to come and produce there art.  Of course the Black Hills are known for the Gold, the art is too wonderful to pass by.  Everyone should make a trip to the area. Don't forget to take a look at Crazy Horse on the SD page

It is suppose to rain today, so we are staying in, it hasn't started yet but the wind is picking up, so better go walk Keri while I can, will update again when we get to WA.  Until then stay dry and have fun WE ARE! Love Carol
May 7, 2011
What a wonderful week we have had so far, except for the food poison I got from eating at a family restaurant in Keystone, I am getting over it now.  We have gone to Mr. Rushmore and I have taken a few photos so take a look, we will be going to Crazy Horse on Monday, if it does not rain and then we will need to pack up to move onto WA.  We are taking 6 days, so we might be able to stop and see some of the area we travel in.  Will have additional photos after Crazy Horse you can see more of Mt. Rushmore by clicking here.

 The weather has been great around high 60's during the day and low 40's at night.  Everyone should come up to see South Dakota, it is one of God's great creations, the hills and valleys are breathtaking and Rapid City has the old and new areas. 
 May 2, 2011
 We are now in Rushmore Shadows RV park, it's green large and looks like a great RV park.  We were greeted by Rick,
who was friendly and very helpful. He made us feel like we were in a luxury Hotel even offered room service, ha ha.

The trip here was a pleasant surprise, taking the 90 north, the scenery wonderful and you could not ask for better weather.  We hit a small patch of snow coming down but did not last long.  Temperature when we arrived at Rapid City was around 50 felt like 70 WONDERFUL! 

There is a town called Spearfish, SD, that looked like it had just become a city in the last 5 or so years, everything looked new and I loved the surrounding hills, what a site.

I have photos of the RV park on a another page  click here to see

Tomorrow we go to the DMV to renew drivers License, we will then start our site seeing tour.  Mt. Rushmore, then Crazy Horse and much more.  The scenery here is beautiful, lots of green and trees, hope to have great photos for everyone to see soon.  Until tomorrow Love Carol