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May 28, 2010
Our plans have changed once again.  I have volunteered to put on activities here at Neskowin RV park.  I have the week scheduled so on Sun. we play Texas Holdem, Tuesday, Texas Holdem, Wednesday Pegs and Jokers, Thursday we play Mexican Train, Friday we play Nickel Nickel (some call it 65) and then on Saturday Candy Bingo for the kids during the day and at night for adults Joker Card Bingo.  So we will stay till the 23 of June before heading onto Seaside.

I will be busy this Saturday the 29th as I will help put on the activities during the day, scheduled are Hula demo then a Hula contest for the kids, Limbo "How far can you go" Candy bingo then that night will put on the Joker card bingo which has gone over with great enthusiasm. 

Our first Texas Holdem Tournament was won by Mike we had 9 players. 
Everyone had so much fun they are the ones who suggested another day game, so that is how Sunday came about.

The Mangers Nell and Randy are great making sure everyone is having fun and Randy makes the best Pancakes on Saturday, you get to eat all you want for $2.  Their potlucks include Randy cooking the main course ,and we bring a dish to compliment.  Love this kind of pot luck.

We found a cafe just up the road that has great pizza's and sandwiches as well as dinners.  Take a look at the restaurant page.

Mike and I took a drive over to Pacific City Thousand Trails to see it even though we will not be going.  I am glad now that we decided to stay here at Neskowin as the preserve is so full of forest you cannot get satellite nor internet and we both can not do with out the internet.  They say you can see the ocean from your site, we traveled all through out the park and could only find 1 or 2 sites that you might see the ocean from.  Stopped in Pacific City to have lunch and watch the whales, this is what we saw from our seat in the restaurant, saw whales blowing and I did see a hump or two but not the actual body of the whale. 

then on the way back to the park stopped at Winema viewing point and had a great look at the ocean.
you can see more photos on the Oregon Photos page

I like Neskowin Creek park it has all that you would want now that we have some activities.  We are within 20 min. from Lincoln City,to shop, no Wal-Mart unless you want to drive over to Newport (45 min. away), so we shop at Safeway which is very expensive for every day items.  Chinook Winds Casino is also in Lincoln where a lot of the RV'ers here go everyday. Haven't been there, I really do not want to waste money, so have given up gambling at casinos for awhile.  Lincoln City sets right on the ocean so you will be able to see and take photos almost everywhere you go in the town.

It is still raining here and am told it will for the next 6 weeks, cold and wet so we do stay in the RV a lot.

If you are in the area stop by and play some games with us. We are right off the 101

Take care will have more next week. Love Carol
May 19, 2010
While the rig was in for repairs we had to get a hotel, the dog and I need our naps.  The only one in town that would take us early in the morning and only charge $25 pet fee was the Best Western (everyone else would not allow check in till 4 and the pet fee was around $45-65).  They only allow pets on the top floor, which was great as we got a wonderful few of the ocean from our room.  And the parking was next to the entrance of our room, I didn't have to walk far and with all of the trees and shrub around in the parking lot, Keri had a place to do her job. 

We were able to go to the Sea Aquarium before we left Newport, rated top 10 in the nation.  It lived up to its reputation, very informative and the exhibits where all about the area and sea life. 
You can see photos of some by clicking here

We ended the day by having dinner at the Rogue Brewery, I don't drink beer but there was one that I tasted that I think I would like to have a whole bottle of.  It was the Light Irish and it was light and not too beer tasty.
Our meal was not that spectacular but the cheesecake Mike and I shared was to die for, I would have liked to buy a whole one but then again don't need the calories, if you are in the area try the tester of beer you get 4 samples for $6.oo and then have the cheesecake.  It was an ending to a perfect day and no rain. 

Picked up the rig on the 19th and headed out, thought we could get to Neskowin before the rain hit, wrong, it down poured all the way here, and kept raining until this evening.  The ride over was breathtaking the views of the ocean were wonderful, if it had not been raining so hard we would have stopped several places to take photos, hope to drive back north when it stops raining, if ever.  We are too have rain for the next 10 days. 

The park seems ok, it is open with the forest in back and in front of us, it is right off of the 101 and there is a state park about 1/2 mile north of us that is easy access to the beach.  You can see the RV park by clicking here

We thought we would have to find a place to go to, when we arrived we were told that as a KM member we would have to pay $10.00 a night.  Doesn't sound like much, but it is the principal of the matter.  When we made the reservation thru KM no one told us the cost and no one told us that normally you cannot make a reservation thru KM, Nellie who is the manager heard our story and was kind enough not to charge us.  But be sure no one including us will get in again for no pay.  Thank you Nellie, as I did not know what we were going to do, it would have meant changing all of our future reservations.  You can get in under ROD but of course not on a holiday, same goes for RPI who would have charged $10 a night also.  I am planning on helping out with activities since Nellie was so kind and I want something to do.  Lincoln City is about 10 miles away looks like a nice coastal town, will take a drive over there soon.

Just looked at the time, going on 10 PM guess I better stop writing and get this uploaded.
Will put more photos and more about the park on in a couple of days, till then take care everyone and have a great summer. Carol
May 13, 2010
Took a drive around town today while Mike slept, came home around 1PM with lots of new photos, Mike was still in bed.  The sun is suppose to shine till Saturday then the rain will start all over again.  I like rain but not all of the time.  Everything smells of mold and you feel wet all of the time.  It is not a drizzle which I would not mine, but a hard downpour.  I pray that when we move on it will not be like this or we will be finding other places to go.
Keri kept me company on the drive around town. There is an Aquarium Village with lots of little shops to browse in, you would not know they are there unless you happened to turn down the right street.  I was making a U turn back onto the street I had just come from and there they were.  The main building, when you first come down the street to the Science Center, is all about your Aquarium needs.  There is also a cafe next to it, and then there is the village around the corner.
The bright colors of each building are wonderful and fun looking.  There is a ceramic shop "The Serendipity" that makes funny looking mugs (the owner does every one on a potters wheel) with sailors making faces and different sayings, tried to find one for Mike but none suited him, wanted one that said Rip Van Winkle since he sleeps so much. 
The Pacific was so blue and looked like the swells were about 4 to 5 feet.  Saw a couple of surf boards way down the beach, looked like they were having fun.
 What a blue and shiny day we have had. Loved it
May 08, 2010
The state park is about 5 min. from our RV resort, decided to see what Keri would do on the beach.
She had a hard time with the sand going up the hill to the ocean Keri does not want to leave my side, took her off the leash and she would not leave me
We then back to the old section of Newport, took these pictures of the Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not.  We did not go in as we had seen these types of things before, just walked around and enjoyed the sunshine.
There are painting on a lot of the buildings in this area and around town.  This one was on an old warehouse, take a look at the Oregon Photos Click here

Today, we are real lazy, the sun is shinning so Mike will finish installing his new CB antenna, he has wanted one for awhile now and finally ordered it, he loves the CB on when we travel, he says this way he knows what is up ahead since the truckers are always talking. 

There is not much to do here in the park, the activities are rare, except breakfast on Saturday morning, I was going to sign up to sell my jig saw puzzles but no one  comes to the craft sell on Saturday, decided to save my $5, that's what the park charges to set up.  Most of the RV'ers are here just for a couple of days, heading north, they stop in to see the area and leave.  The park has lots of trees and I do like the green and hearing the ocean when you open the windows, at first i thought it was the traffic from the Costal Hwy. but it is the ocean, lovely sound. 

I wish every Mother a Happy Mother's day tomorrow and take time for yourselves.  Love Carol

May 03, 2010

Finally no rain on Sunday during the day, took advantage and went into town of Newport, they are working on the main road and traffic was high.  Could not find a parking spot as the tourist also took advantage of no rain.  Here are a couple of photos hope to get back again when it stops raining, which by the way started again as soon as the evening rolled in with winds along with the hard rain.


Changed our reservations again, will still be on the coast but in Washington after Seaside.  I am hoping to get into Diamond point for Labor day.  Since it is a Major Holiday don't know if we will have any luck.

Had Chicken boiling for Chicken tacos chicken done same time rain stopped, gotta hurry to get more photos . Will tell more tomorrow  Carol

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