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May 25,2009

We have been touring the surrounding areas, there are many lakes and rivers in the area, since we had toured the Abeni Dam which has the Pend Oreilli River, we decided to take the trip up the Priest River yesterday to Sandpoint, ID. (see pictures) it was small pop. 690 many hippy stores still from the 60's 70's.  We had a great lunch at the Spud Rotisserie and Grill, right downtown.  You take IDAHO 2 to Sandpoint. and make a left at the one way street to go downtown as soon as you pass the light turn right into the restaurant, we ate and then walked the town. Great little shops to explore.

Today, Memorial Day, we took the drive to Priest Lake about 35 miles from here (Newport) and in Idaho. It was a great day to drive as the weather was around the upper 70's and the trees made it cool along the priest river.  There are 4 Marina's at the lake we only went to two the first one must be extremely popular as it was crowded with boaters and water sport people. As you can see Mike stopped in & got that coffee he needed before going on. It allowed me to take pictures.

 I hope you can see there is still snow on the mountains over Priest Lake

We then drove over to the other Marina, what a difference, this one is defiantly on the upper class scale, compared to the other marina. Make sure you se all of the pictures from Idaho Click here

See more pictures

Tomorrow is a rest day, right, let's see I need to do laundry clean the RV
 and oh yes let Mike sleep till noon.  Later Carol

May 23, 2009

We arrived at Newport on the 20th staying until the 3rd of June.  It is a small park, spread out along the Opelli River.  (Click on picture to see more of the park). We are in the back so we could get internet. Lots of trees.  Newport is on the border of Idaho and Washington, when you  go out of the park turning left one street you are in Idaho. Our first day took us to the Abeni Falls Dam in Idaho, there are no falls now as the dam was created where it use to be, the river eventually flows into the Columbia River. 

Looking at the Dam you can see the trees across the river that is Washington. We then went back to Washington heading for the Kallispell Tribal Reservation along WA-20, where the buffalo roam.  YEP there are buffalo roaming on the grounds

they are a scared animal to the people here. We then went to the caves or Manresa Grotto, a short climb to the top and you are in the Holy caves.

we found the rock formation great interesting, while looking at the caves I saw what I thought to be a man in the formation so I took the picture when I got back to the rig I was pleasantly surprised to see this, can you see the face and the fish?  Take a look at all of  the pictures to the cave. Click here

This being Memorial weekend we will enjoy the celebration here in this city, it is an old town built in 1898 and the buildings reflect that.  There is a grocery store and some unique gift boutiques and a Radio shack.  It is a very busy little town.  Don't know where all of the traffic comes from.  There are two paper mills along WA-20 and yes folks there is a train that runs twice a day which we can see & hear from our rig.  I guess Mike just can't get away from the RR. 

 By the way Michael has meet a terrific gal and now in New Jersey living there, we will miss him as he is the reason we always headed for Utah in the summer first.

Our granddaughter will be living with her mother in Dallas, TX so guess where we might be for the winter.

Hope you enjoy our visit to these places along with us until tomorrow have a great holiday.

Love Carol

May 20, 2009    
After leaving Hurricane we went to Draper, UT spent two nights in Camping World's parking lot, while they worked on the awing and washer/dryer.  Got all of those fixed but my computer (desktop) went out so we ended having to buy me a new desktop.  Got the all in one HP, the graphic card is fantastic.  No more having the hard drive get hot since this sets on top of the computer desk, the screen is large so no more excuses not seeing what I am doing.  Love it.

We then went back to Rockport State Park to see everyone we worked with last summer.  Steve the Manager and head Ranger of the park has retired so did not get to say hi, but Chris happened to be coming into the gate same time we did so ended up not surprising anyone.  Chris just happened to be coming in for a meeting otherwise we would have missed him as he was on vacation. Joe who is acting manager right now was holding the fort all by himself, he is hoping to become permanent manager of the park.  We  saw Leon & Marge, they look great, Joe offered us a site to set the RV on if we should ever want to come back, maybe in the future but not this year.  The morning we were to leave Michael called and asked where we were, when he heard we were in Rockport he asked that we come to Logan pick him up take him to Seeley Lake to help pack up his stuff as he was moving to New Jersey.  He and Kathy his now ex-wife were both moving out of Utah.  Michael will still keep his business in Logan but has meet a new girl friend and had decided to move to her home town.  So plan B came into effect, this meant that we could see  our granddaughter one more time before they (Kathy & Brooke) moved to Dallas, TX.

We stayed in Seeley long enough to help pack the kid up and see our granddaughter
She is a doll, going through the terrible 3 years Kathy says she missed the terrible twos but is making up for it.

Michael is now in New Jersey and we are at Newport, WA. where we will stay for two weeks then onto to Birch Bay.  The weather here is cool high today was 59 and it is suppose to freeze tonight.  I have been cold all day can't seem to get warm.  Still I would rather been cold the hot, Fran (my sister) says it has been in the 100's there in Tucson for some weeks now...No thank you. 

Will take pictures tomorrow and put on the web.  I had to purchase a new web design as this new computer would not take my software so  I do hope it works, so here goes with the upload.

 Until tomorrow Love Carol

April 20 2009