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 April 27-30 2011 
 Here we are in Rawlins, WY spending the night before heading onto Rapid City, SD.  Thought everyone might like to see some photos of our trip so far. 

From Las Vegas to Wy. we first made a stop at Mesquite,NV,
only about 2 hours from Vegas, having been up since 5AM we wanted to rest and the Virgin River Casino back lot, a great place to park for free, and who knows you just might win at slots.  We went in for the dinner buffet and while Mike waited in line, I sat at a slot machine, by the time it was our turn to go in, I had won $400 not bad for 15 min.  Next morning we went into the breakfast buffet and while Mike finished his coffee I sat at the same machine as the night before and won $50.  We left around 9 AM towards Nephi, UT along the 15, decided to stop at the Maple RV Resort, around 4 PM, the weather had started turning cold and snow was predicted for the next day.   
Above & Right, Virgin Cliffs going from Mesquite towards Utah

below, Nephi Ut, where we stayed 2 nights, waiting out the storm

Going through Provo, UT it was snowing 4/30 2011

Lots of wind and some snow coming down while going through Ut. just wind & cold when we hit Wyoming

Arrived in Rawlins WY. around 3 PM, the changes in the weather was wonderful, it felt like Christmas through Nephi all the way to Wyoming and then back to the look of sage, cold around low 50's and windy.  Tomorrow we head over to Buffalo, WY where we will stay at another campground for the night then onto Rushmore Shadows for the next 2 weeks.  Will have lots of new photos then. 
April 16,2011
I know I have neglected this journal, just had to take a breather and catch up on things.  We are in Las Vegas, NV right now planning on leaving the 26th-27th. 

We began our trip via Pilot Knob RV park in Winterhaven, CA so Mike could get his crown and glasses, I found out that it would take about 3 weeks to get mine so decided to wait till we got here in Las Vegas. 

Mike and I both played Texas Holdem at the casino there in Winterhaven, came out about even.  Do not like the 4-8 limit with kill, (kill means if you win 2 hands you have to put out 8 before even seeing your cards).  I only had to do it twice and did not like it.  On the way down to Laughlin, CA I got a glance of the blimp used for checking the borders, it was windy so it had been grounded.

We then went to Laughlin to spend the night before seeing Mike's brother Pat, what a mess Laughlin is in, they have the main roads torn up and the highway leading to Vegas all closed off.  All of the casinos had no place to park the rig except for the Golden Nugget Casino.
Entrance to the Golden Nugget
They have a large Truck and RV parking area right across from them so we parked there.  Mike did not want to take the car off of the dolly so this worked out great, as I could walk to the Nugget ( too far to walk anywhere else).  I played some slots and Mike and I both entered the $45 Holdem Tournament, here is how I got taken out, I had pocket Kings, the river comes and another king, I raise, the guy after me puts me all in, I had to call as now I have a possible full house, he turns his cards over he has the king of spades and a flush draw, I only have two pair right now, everyone says you got him beat, OH NO, the river is a spade and he has his flush. Not a pretty sight for me.  Mike is still playing so I go play a few slots.

The next day we go have breakfast and hear there is a school for teaching the game (Holdem) so we both thought why not learn more about playing. Barbra, Karen, and Barry are the teachers and the dealers at the Nugget, they were so friendly and gave us a lot of tips.  We really loved playing here.  No Mike did not win all that, he only wished he had.

We are now at Thousand Trails RV park, just around the corner of Boulder Station Casino.  It has turned warm around 90 today and a expecting wind tomorrow, the wind is bad here worse then Palm Springs.  Both of us have played at the casino, some wins and some losses.  We are taking a break from playing as I actually was getting tired of the same thing each day.  So this coming week we will be going downtown seeing the performers at Circus Circus and others on the midway.  Keri is getting a bath on Tuesday so we will not have to worry about getting back right away.  Although she has been doing great, one day she was left for over 7 hours and waited for us at the door.  She is such a good girl.  I am taking her to the dog park every day here at TT.  They have a great large pet area for her.

Guess I got all of you caught up with want we are doing, so will end this by saying it has been lots of fun so far and hope you all are enjoying your journeys too.

Next writing will be when we get to Rushmore Shadows' RV Park up in Rapid City, heard they got 3 foot of snow yesterday, hope it will be gone before we get there.

Take care Love Carol