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April 29,2010
We finally made it to Newport, Or.  After checking in we went to the RV repair place and got all checked out. Called the insurance company and got the awning ordered and called the extended warranty people only to find out that they don't cover any of the items that we would like to get fixed except the ice maker.  I really think that there are things that they should cover, but here we are and there they are.  It is looking like there is going to be a big bill, and we are probably going to just swallow it.  Hey, this is RVing.
So far it has rained at least once a day.  Just enough to get everything wet, but it looks like it might back off a little so Carol can get some pictures.

Have to tell ya more about the park in a couple of days, being that we just got here and haven't really
met anyone yet and found out what the park really has to offer.  Mike

Keri enjoyed the trip as she had a lot of smells to take in and lots of walks.

Got pictures of Park on web just click here
Also have some of Newport Photos, it cleared enough to take these at the State Park South Beach.

The rained had let up just long enough to take these and other pictures, as soon as we were in the car it started pouring along with hail.  Hope this will stop soon ,as it looks like there are a lot of things we can see around here.

You can hear the ocean from our site but cannot see it.  Will have more next week.  Love Carol
April 17, 2010
We were taking a nap and the next thing I know was an earth quake happened, OH NO it was not an Earth Quake it was the guy next site to the left of us backing in and not looking at what he was doing he hit the living room slide out, ripped the arms to the awning out and hit the front of the slide out. 
So now we have to go to Sacramento to have repairs done, paint on the side of the slide out, fix the slide out and of course the awning.  Looks like we will be a week late getting to Oregon.

On Sunday, we drove to San Francisco to take photos of the area, Mike was great he really tried to take me everywhere I wanted to go.  By the time we finished with the Golden Gate bridge
and Pier 39, I was so tired and could no longer walk, tried finding the crooked road to take the photos but could not, China Town was so crowded could not park, but I think I have enough photos to make a new CD of jig saw puzzles. Take a look click here to see San Francisco
the city sure has changed since 68, it use to be the most beautiful city now it is all buildings and sidewalks.

I thought the Pavilion was the most beautiful park ,
While driving over to see the park we did come across the Family Walt Disney Foundation, it is set up at an old fort grounds.

We did enjoy the time over there about 1 hour and 40 min. if we ever go back we will do the site seeing bus, that way we won't miss anything.

Since we have to go to Sacramento for the repairs we will also get to go to Folsom, haven't been there since 68 either. Hope it has not changed like the rest of California.

Till next week Love Carol 
April 15, 2010
Yes we moved again, spent one night at the Lighthouse and the next day Susan and I came down the road to go to Lodi for some groceries, we stopped at Delta Shores RV resort to see what it looked like, it was 5 min from the RV park we were in, went into the office loved the manager Debi, and loved the park plus they have poker on Fridays and breakfast on the weekends, hey, why don't we move down here, says Susan, ok with me, if we can talk Mike into it.  So back to the rigs we go, Mike is still in bed, we wake him up and proceed to tell him we are moving, we pack up and down the road we go.  Now I have to tell you Mike was great, as everyone knows, he does not like moving, he insists that if we can get in a park it must be for at least 2 weeks if not three weeks.  Susan has told Mike we are not moving again no matter what.  

This park is much better, they do not charge for pets nor for 50 amps.  So we saved some money on the move and of course no gas was used since it was so close.  You can check out the park by clicking here

Tomorrow we go to San Francisco to take my photos, then on Monday I hope to explore the Delta area. Will have more photos next week. 

Gotta go making the Jalapeņo Corn Bread for the pot luck tonight.  Carol
April 14, 2010
We are now in Lighthouse Marina and RV Resort, it is an ROD park in Isleton, CA.  We made the mistake of taking the 25 over to the 101, 25 was fine but the 101 was rough, had holes the rig got a workout on that and on Hwy 160 north.  We should have taken the 5 but this was the shortest route one we would not take again, too many towns to go through and bad roads.  

This park is on the Delta and is actually 15 feet below sea level, it must have had a lot of run as the sites are on grass and Mike had to really spin the back tires just to get our of a rut moving to the front of our site. You can see pictures of the park by clicking here

We are 1 1/2 hour from San Francisco and if it does not rain this Sunday off we go.  Susan and Bill, friends we meet at Pio Pico and who also left San Benito with us, are here in the park too, will take care of Keri when we go.  We also get to go to Sacramento and Folsom which we have not been back to since 68, can't wait to see all of the changes to both towns, I am sure I will not recognize any of them.  When we were in Folsom in 65-68 you could not take a car down into the small area but today everyone has told me it is not that way now.

I will have lots of pictures next week, so keep checking back.

Why did we leave San Benito so early, the park is run down, the grass is so tall you wonder what in under it, the bob cats are not afraid of you they walk right by your rig or in our case, went under the 5th wheel right behind us.  There was so much rain all of the roads were mud, the Rangers say they have people who want to work but ELS is taking their time for the background checks.  It is a shame since there is over 200 acres, it would be a beautiful park to go to if they were to improve the sites and do something about the bob cats.

As we were leaving San Benito, the deer where grazing and I took this picture out the front window of the RV

Coming or going to the San Benito park you see so much grape vines, as this is wine country.

April 10, 2010
Take a look at what is just one of the many animals in the park here at Thousand Trails. I had just set up my table for craft day when I looked out the back of the Family lodge and there was this Bobcat catching a gofer.  It just looked at me and I was able to shoot these pictures.  There are around 6 in the park and Linda, activities Director, says she thinks that the female may have cubs as she catches the gofers then heads down to the creek and right back again to catch more.
There are lots of different birds here at San Benito,
including the Magpie

April 09, 2010

Our trip over here to San Benito Thousand Trails was windy with rough roads.  We took the 198 over to Lemoore where we stayed at the Tachi Casino Resort. It is a huge casino with lots of slots, didn't win, but they allow you to stay in the parking lot overnight.

We then headed west on 198, the road was rough and windy, there were signs that said no truck or auto over 30 ft should try this road, however semi and other rigs were going so of course Mike said it would be ok.  Hwy 198 starts off ok then as you head over the mountains things change, I loved the scenery but don't want to go back on the road. 

Below the drive on Hwy 25, the scenery here was spectacular, we had to stop so I could take pictures, there was an old farmhouse, where the owner was outside and I asked if I could take a picture, she was happy to let me, it just might make it on one of the jig saw puzzle CD's
  All along the hwy you would see wild Lavender growing, it was beautiful and the yellow poppies as well as wild flowers up and down the hills. 

Keri did not like the road she was so nervous I had to hold her most of the time. She is still very nervous around men and jumps whenever there is a loud noise, even when we put her on the leash she starts shaking, she cowards down when anyone else goes to her, but when she sees me watch out she goes into her circle dance till I pick her up.  Here she is waiting for me to finish taking pictures, see her eyes they seem sad, but when I get her they light up.  Mike & I wish we knew what happened to her, she is such a sweetie. She does have a time clock, at 7 AM she needs to go out and do her job and at 8:30 PM the same. Mike takes her for her night walks and she is getting better with him.  Still won't play, we try, hope sometime soon she will understand that we want her to have more energy for her well being.

We are now in San Benito Thousand Trails park till the 21st, Hollister which is the closet city for shopping from here is about 15 min. away not a big town.  For major shopping we will need to go to Gilroy which has a super Wal-Mart if we need too.  It is cold at night around 45 but gets comfortable around noon it is 65/70. The park is primitive in that it is in the hills of the valley surrounded by farm and wine country. 
You can see the details of the park by clicking here

 I have to tell you what a wonderful winter we had spent in Palm Desert.  We meet up with so many old friends we made last year and meet some new friends this year.  Kathy the activities Director is so great she is putting on so much activities you can't get bored.  Mike & I put on the Texas Holdem tournaments Tuesdays and Sundays and each time we had a great turn out.  I hope we can go back next year to see everyone and have great laughs and fun.

April 5, 2010
We are leaving in the morning for San Benito which is 3 south of San Francisco fro 2 weeks, then onto Morgan Hill which is 1 hour south for 1 week.  We will hit Oregon on the 28th of April and run up the coast for the months of May, June and July.  Planning to be in Sequim area around Labor day if we can get into one of our KM parks.

We had our first experience of a Earth Quake in the RV yesterday.  I was putting some dishes away when it hit, a couple of the plastic glasses fall out and the coach was rocking and rolling.  Mike was outside and I yelled for him to come in to put the jacks up.  That helped a lot.  Turned out the quake was a 7.2 hit around Mexicali, we had another minor one about 3 this morning, it woke me up with the rolling of the coach.  So we know as long as we can put the jacks up we are good.  Nothing moved around the cabinets and everything stayed put. 

I am ready to move out of the area and see new sites.  It has been cool not too hot, they say by the end of this week southern Ca will hit high 80. 

Guess that is all for now.  We are in Indian Waters RV park right now, hardly any rigs on this side of the park.

Still doing the puzzles will have some new ones when we get out of San Francisco.