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March 22, 2011
It's been awhile for this update, wanted to make sure I had things to say. 

The Big news is Indian Waters has been sold,  and will not take RPI or ROD next year, it will only be available to those who have Western Horizon and it is their home park.  This will make it difficult for a lot of us to stay in the area the entire season.  Mike and I are looking at what parks we can go to and yet stay close to TT there in Palm Desert so we can continue to put on the Texas Holdem games.

 We really like doing Sundays and have so many people who insist we come back to put it on.
 Jim Logan who has owned the Western Horizon parks is selling them off, so glad we did not buy that membership and am sad for those who have a membership, since they are the ones who will suffer.  He sold Ocean Shores and Tall Chief in WA. to KM.  He has sold Valley Vista in Benson and Hurricane in Utah.  2 years ago he sold Abita Springs and Bayview, he has all of his parks up for sell including Desert Pools which some of us use for our week out. 

We will let everyone know what we plan to do as we make our reservations, we won't have problems with TT just our week out.  If anyone has a suggestion please let us know.

This was one of the best seasons spent at Palm Desert, we had so much fun with all of the friends we have meet new and old.  Sundays turned out to be very successful with our Texas Holdem Games, 1st prize ran anywhere from $85 down to $40 so you can see 2nd and 3rd was just as great. 

At the end of the season I invited about 18 of the every Sunday players who could come to a dinner where I fixed Chimiganas I can cook them just can't spell them. Everyone said they were great, and we had a fun evening.

Our site was right on the road for the pickle ball court and I really enjoyed watching them play, for those of you who do not know what the game is, it is played with a paddle similar to a ping pong one and a plastic ball.  Think of Tennis and ping pong and you have the game.  They are very serious when playing, the tournaments are from park to park with a final one held at TT.
Here are a few photos. in

Gloria a great friend

Judy friend from Canada, and Linda a Ranger here at the park
We are now here at Wilderness Lakes, in Menifee, CA for 3 weeks, it is cold and rain, we are not under water yet, there is suppose to be another storm coming in tomorrow with lots of rain , I only hope it will not flood us out.  But everyone tells me that in November they had to remove all because of the flooding, I sure hope that does not happen to us. 

I tried getting back into Palm Desert but there were 2 days that were not available.  So we are now trying to get into Pilot Knob next Monday so we can get our eye examine and glasses.  Then we are going to Las Vegas for 3 weeks before heading to SD.

Everyone travel safe while heading north and will update again when we get to our next destination.

By the way, we stopped for to get gas for the motorhome at Morongo Casino and while Mike was doing his fill up, I went inside to pay and also put $20 in one of their slots and walked out with over $50 so who says you can't fill up and win!

Love Carol
March 03, 2011
Got my computer back today, they said they found nothing wrong, we will see how long before it crashes again.  Hopefully it will not.  So you can email me now. 

The weather has turned out great getting warmer around the high 70's by this weekend it should be in the low 80's.

Russell got voted out of Survivors tonight, I was so glad, he is one person I don't care for, he has
March 01, 2011

I know it is not March yet, however there has been so much going on at the parks I have not had a chance to catch up to the daily web journals.  Having problems with my computer and some of the programs are not working right.  Main one is this Web program that I use to upload everything. 

We had Casino Night at TT last Saturday and I was asked to be Pit Boss it was fun but lots of work to get the volunteers organized thank goodness we did have a lot of help.  We raised over $1200 up from last year of $700.  We need to start earlier as people wanted to play longer and we might have raised more money. 

We are here in the area for another 3 weeks then onto Wilderness Lakes for 3 then to Pilot Knob, for the glasses and teeth.  After that we head to South Dakota via New Mexico, I am so anxious to leave, staying in CA is nice and we have lots of friends but it is too long.  Will love to see new scenery and get more photos.  We will be at Rushmore Shadows on May 6th for 2 weeks under ROD, get our drivers license and see some of the area.

Then we head over to Leavenworth, WA for 3 weeks and then to one of my favorite places Sequim, WA.  Mike doesn't know it yet but I plan on going over to Victoria to the gardens, I have my scooter this time so I will be able to see all.  Will get lots of wonderful photos. Hope we can find someone to take care of Keri for the day as I do not want to miss out of not seeing the sites on Victoria.  Maybe we could take the car?  Anyone know if you can take the ferry with the auto to Victoria?