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March 30, 2010

We have changed plans once again.  The weather going north will be windy and raining for the next 10 days, Mike decided it would be best to stay down here for another couple of weeks, so San Benito is out, we will be going to Morgan Hill, CA instead, it is about 1 hour from San Francisco, and it is one of our membership parks so it will not be costly to take those pictures of the city, We can drive to take the pictures of the city.  Already have someone who wants to buy the San Francisco jig saw puzzle CD.  Will be taking a lot of pictures to make a great one.

We will be in Indian Waters for one week and then back here to TT for 1 or 2 weeks, Mike may change the plans if the weather gets too hot here and is better up north.

While here we finally went to the Jackalope Ranch. 
This restaurant was started when Maria Calendar's sold all of their restaurants, her husband wanted to start an up scale restaurant in Indio.  That was  about 10 years ago, two days before opening the husband passed away.  It did not do well as it was too up scale for the neighborhood, so she sold it to the Kaiser Group.  They decided to entice people to come, by having a Happy Hour where you would get wonderful samples off of the dinner menu at a reduced price.   The following pictures are of the Calendars wonderful gardens they built around the restaurant.

Marge, Bob, David, Glorina, Nancy and Ray are just a few of the ones we play Texas Holdem with and we all decided after the tournament on that on Thursday of last week we would go and check out the Ranch.  Nancy and Ray on the right and Bob and Marge in the back, have gone several times and love the place.  In the first picture David and Glorina are in the back.  The food was great and because it was happy hour we paid about $25 for the two of us.  That is a good price considering the prices here in the Palm Springs area run much higher.
Prior to going to the Jackalope we went to the Las Casuelas Restaurant for dinner with Bev and Ted.  They have great food but a little expensive, although you do have to pay to get great food around here.  Just for Mike and I it ran about $55 with the tip, we have to stop eating out the budget won't take it much more.  I have to admit I love the great company and not having to cook. 

Too see where these great places are please click here for more info.
March 22, 2010
Keri is doing great, she is even going up to those who stop to talk with her, she prefers the gals versus the men.  Her walks are becoming a little longer since she is not as scared as she was 2 weeks ago.  We bought her a pen so she can enjoy the sun along with us.  She is defiantly my dog, she goes in circles when she sees me and actually tries to talk to me.   She was debarked so it is hard for her to tell us exactly what she wants.  I know when she wants her food, she will walk up to me go in a circle until I put her favorite soft food with her dry.  I have put her on the Wellness brand and she loves it.  She still will not let anyone open her mouth, can't figure that one out since she was a show dog and the judges need to check the gums and teeth. 

We have changed our plans once again, we are heading north one week early, going to San Benito RV park 3 hours south of San Francisco, then we will stay in San Francisco for 5 days before heading to Oregon, Whalers Rest RV Park.  I will of course be taking pictures for the web.  Mike is having a hard time with the San Francisco trip, the main reason we are going is for me to take pictures to make my jig saw puzzles on CD.  I know he will enjoy to see it again since it has been since 1968 since we were back.

It has been getting hot here in Palm Desert early, and we both do not like any thing over 80, since we left Arizona the heat bothers both of us, guess that is what you get for going to states that have trees and are comfortable early in the season.

Take care everyone, oh one more thing,

 I joined Facebook, which I should not have done, do you realize how much time you have to spend to keep up with it?   I don't seem to have the time, so if you have contacted me through Facebook, sorry I don't have the time to spend with it the way most do.  I am playing pool, putting on Texas Holdem Tournaments, exercising in the pool and most importantly taking care of our new family member.  I will try and do better but can't promise.

Love Carol
March 12, 2010
Keri is so much better today, she is eating really well, loves the baby food we got to help her eat while she was sick.  She is getting two different medicines and looks like they are working. I am so glad as I hated to have to give her back.  Janine has offered to give us our adoption fee back to help cover the vet expenses, which we will accept.  I really believe she did not know the dog was sick, as she offered to take her and get her well but we had already had her to the vet.  If I were ever have to get another pet again, I still would go back to Poodles and Pals, she was kind and really felt bad about what happened. 

I made Keri her dog coat today and since we feel she is perfect have decided she is "Miss Perfect"

As you can see by her eyes she still not feeling 100% but she will I am sure.
March 11, 2010
Keri is sick, took her to the vet today, we don't know yet if it is from her Provo Shot or she actually has Provo.  I hope not as she would have to be hospitalized  and I can't go thru that again.  So called Poodles and Pals let Janine know, she is willing to take her back to get her well, we said only if she does have to be hospitalized.  We will know in the morning.  Here she is sleeping in her bed

Poor thing had to have shots and medicine, right now all she does is sleep.  I hope she well be better by tomorrow as I really love her already.
Love Carol
March 10, 2010
Keri is now in our home, here we are picking her up, she is so cute, not sure yet of what is going on, she loves sleeping on the sofa so I am ordering a dog blanket from Joyce.  She is so small, weighs less then 9 lbs.. Keri, had her updated shots yesterday and I hoping that is why she has the runs, she had an accident on the carpet but I think she knew what she did wrong.  She is de-barked, we will have to keep on our toes making sure she knows to go to the door of the RV when she wants out. From what we have seen so far she is well trained, walked her around here, for about 20 min ,as soon as we got to the park and she stayed right by my side. She loved meeting people and they loved meeting her.  Here she is sleeping on the sofa
She was a show dog and has won several ribbons, here is her picture of the last win
Will show more pictures later.  Going to make her a dog coat tomorrow.

By the way, adoption is the way to go, the pets are checked out and made sure they are microchip and have had all of their shots as will as making sure they are sprayed or neutered.

More on Keri and what we are doing next week.
Love Carol
March 06, 2010
It is raining right now, we are back at Thousand Trails here in Palm Springs.  Love this park, last night they had Casino Night where all of the proceeds go to Toys for Tots next Christmas, it was a large turn out we both where blackjack dealers and I loved helping out, had lots of fun. One thing about this park there is no lack of activities. 

I am learning to play pool, Peter who teaches pool to the ladies 3 times a week, helps us to learn how to put English on the ball and how to figure where to put the cue ball to set up our next shot.  Mike and I played in the Jack and Jill tournament on Friday, I am afraid to say I am not a pool player yet but watch out will be in the future.

Today we put on the Texas Holdem tournament, with the rain we may just have more players then chips we will see.

There is a good chance this time next weekend I will have a new member of the family her name is Keri she is 4 yrs. old previously a show dog who now needs a home.  I can't wait to meet her and take her home, isn't she cute!  She is in a poodle rescue home right now and I am to go see her as soon as she gets her microchip.  I am so anxious that I am having a hard time in waiting.

That's all the news for now but will update as soon as Keri becomes a member of this family.