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March 31, 2009
It that time of the year to head North.  It's not warm here yet but the summer in the Palm Springs, Indio area can get as high as 120, we are ought of here before that happens. 

Mike is doing great he is even riding his bike about 15 miles a day, and has now been on two weeks of not smoking.  I on the other hand have cut down but haven't quit.  Maybe once we get north and I'll try. 

We will be in Las Vegas for about 3 weeks from April 8th to the 29th at the Thousand Trails RV park, about 5 miles from the strip,  then onto St. George for two weeks.  Mike hasn't made reservations for up north yet so don't know which way we are heading will let you know when I do. 

It has been great spending the winter here we have meet some wonderful people, the winter is warmer here then Tucson high around the 70's during the day never did freeze.  Most people say normally there is more wind then we saw ( which I was glad that the wind did not produce this year).  I wouldn't mind coming back here next winter if we had too. 

As we go North I hope to put a lot of new pictures on the site. I seemed to have slipped with the web site this winter but that won't happen again.

We upgraded our TT membership so now we can stay in the parks 3 weeks going park to park, that will make life easier and more places to visit.  There are two parks on the Canadian Border one is KM and the other is TT I hope we will be able to visit them. 

Until we get to Vegas have a safe trip for those of you going North and those who are not stay safe..


March 23, 2009
What a weeks we have had.  Mike had a heart attack, he is doing fine, but it scared the you know what out of me.  Ladies one thing I learned from this "DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR MAN".  Mike insisted at first to just let him alone, then when I offered him an aspirin (which the doctor said was the best thing I could have done.) he got upset but took it anyway and too top that off he did not want an ambulance. We have MASA (it pays for all ambulance, air transfers anywhere we need to go in an emergency) Stupid me, I listened to him, I drove him to the hospital and we, according to the doctor made it just in time.  He was still having the heart attack and it took more then an hour for the medicine the doc gave him to stop the attacks. 

The Doctor told me to call family, now that really got me scared.  I called our son and my sister both were ready to come out immediately.  Our son arrived the next day and by that time Mike was acting like nothing happened.  He had to be transferred to Eisenhower Medical on Wed 3/20 for them to do the angiogram where they proceeded to put in one stint as his one main artery was 95% closed.  The doctor says he will be good as new now, just had to give up smoking and change his diet.

We are now at TT here in Palm Springs making sure all is fine and Michael (our son) will fly down on the 7th of April to drive us and the rig to Vegas.  We just want to make sure all of Mike's strength is back. We will be there for 3 weeks then onto the north.  Don't know exactly where but will make sure we are out of the heat. 

We want to thank everyone who has emailed us with their prays and concern.  We are so lucky not to have been on the road and near a hospital when this happened.

Moral of this story for once ladies do it your way.  Love Carol

March 3 2009
Wow how time fly's, we only have 3 more weeks here in the Indio area and then start heading north.  We have had great times at all of the parks we have been in, my favorite is Indian Waters as it is green and lots of crafts and activities, next would be the Thousand Trails park even with the tight spaces, there is still room between each RV.  The people here are open and friendly something that I love.  Everyone says hi and are great to get to know.  We have made some more long term friends.

We have not done the tourist thing here in the area as we have had too many other things going on.  There is a lot to see and do in the area so I know if and when we do come back we will not be bored.

Full timing is still a joy and I still would not have it any other way, Mike loves it as there is little in the way of maintenance and of course no yard work or the many honey do's.

As you can see with this update I am back to typing, my left hand is getting better, I go for therapy 2 times a week and it is really helping. There will be no more excuses of not updating the journal or taking pictures.

If you are heading to Pahrump the last week of March we will be there around the 20th for one week at Preferred RV Resort and then onto Thousand Trails in Las Vegas for 3 weeks.  Michael will be coming down too see us and maybe he will even bring Brooke.  Would love to see how she has grown. 

We then head up north towards Spokane WA to start spending our summer our goad is to see Glacier National Park, can't wait to take great pictures & show them to everyone.

That's all I can type for now so travel safe and hope all are enjoying the winter!