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February 5th 2011
   Today was the dedication to Kathy Howerton, 
Activities Director, Great Cook, and friend to all here at TT in Palm Springs.  Please go to the following page to see more in Memory of Kathy

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, we will not be having Texas Holdem for the first time since we arrived here in the area, instead we will be having a Super Bowl party up at the club house.  I am not a football fan, however, I do believe I just might become one tomorrow.  You see there is a rig next to us that has the Steelers Banner across their front window and down the road there is a rig with a banner for the other team.  I asked the rig next to us if they would be going to the club house and was told that they yell too much so are watching outside the rig,  I guess I will have no choice but to become a Steelers fan since I will need to keep my windows open as the weather here is fantastic, low 70's during the day.  NO WIND.  Love it.

The cafe is open and the food is great, we have eaten there several times and have not been disappointed at any of the food.  They are open from Thrus. too Sun. serving breakfast and dinners.  Happy hours is on Thursday we bring our own Bottle and the snacks are reasonable.  You get to meet a lot of new and old friends.  This park is getting better and better every year. 

We bought our extended week so we are here till the 21st then to Indian Waters for one week and back here for 3.

Every Year we one night as Casino Night to raise money for the kids in the area.  I still haven't figured out how but I am the Pitt Boss this year.  Mike will be a Blackjack dealer, I dealt last year and we had a lot of fun.  Raised a lot of money and am hoping this year will be no different.  Will try and take photos and let you know how I did as Pitt Boss. 

Gotta go going to Cafe for Mexican dinner tonight yum yum.

Until next time Love Carol