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January 17,2013
Finally a update, seems every day I have a medical appointment.  Had the knee operated a Meniscus tear and now a MCL strain, along with bone on bone and arthritis all in the same knee.  Also some other things are going wrong, it's the pits growing old but I am determined to not let these things get me down!  I am now diabetic and they are trying to find out if I need to be on a pill.  One more test again.  Doctors around here take forever to see and then when you do it's tests and back to the doctor only to be told I have to see yet another doctor.  In between all of this I am having physical therapy. 

But hey life is still good, I am walking a lot better a little painful, I can drive myself to and from these appointments and I still continue to do my crafts making the jig saw puzzles and business cards.

The weather here turned really cold for about 10 days and now back to warming up suppose to hit in the low 70's today and continue to get warmer. 

We are still putting on the Texas Holdem tournaments every Sunday don't have the crowd as we did in the previous years but still having loads of fun. 

I have been a good girl staying away from the casinos and that is really something since there are 4 within a 10 min drive.  Decided at the beginning of the new year that my money was going down the drain at these places.

Mike has a cold and I just hope it is not the flu, it hasn't hit CA as hard as other areas of the country and I hope it does not, I had the flu shot but Mike says he does not need one, wish someone could convince him differently.  Men!!

There is a very slight chance our son Michael will be moving back to Tucson and if he does guess we will be spending a lot of winters there so we can see the grandkids and him.  That is the only way you would get me back there.  It is a great place to winter but after being there for over 40  years I have no desire to live there you can take just so much of the desert.  I know you are saying but you are in Palm Springs isn't that desert yes but it is different, you don't have the cactus, and the dirt, you do have the sand storms but they are not that bad.  And the weather here is different can't explain it just is.

Well I have vented enough hope everyone is enjoying there winter and staying out of the snow and out of trouble.  We are.  Love Carol