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Feb. 18, 2012
Our yearly Charitable drive for the local fire department (collection of money for toys at Christmas) went over really big. 
I had the privilege of being Pit Boss again this year, last year we raised $over $1200 in the one night this year we raised over $1400 for the night. 
 Everyone had a lot of fun and if Mike and I come back next year I will enjoy being the pit boss once again. 
 Here are a few photos before the herd of folks came in to play Blackjack and Texas Holdem.

Nancy and JoAnn (Mayor) sold tickets did a great job Marge counted out chips and redeemed them for raffle tickets
Pam our activities director All the prizes donated by merchants around the area

Mike coming in to be a dealer Nickie assistant activities director
The Texas Holdem Tables where a big hit, all small blinds went to the house,
Gary had people give their chips as tips so more went to the house.  We had 2 tables full all night
Russ among several where my dealers I want to thank everyone who volunteered their time for this wonderful event.  THANK YOU
Mike and I are on our last 8 weeks of being in the area, cannot believe we have been here for 6 months.  The time has flown so fast, seems we just got here. 
 We have told several people we might not be back next year as I would like to go some place different for the winter, however with the gas prices rising don't
 know if we will.  Will have to stay close to the area if the prices are what they say they will be.  Everyone says they will be glad they we can't go far. 
 Several have said if we don't came back neither will they.  We will see.  Plan B always comes into effect.

Will be taking more photos in the next weeks around the Palm Springs area as some of my Canadian friends have requested more
of the desert on a jig saw puzzle.  So be on the look out for some new photos.

The weather here has been great around 76 during the day and 50's at night, don't know where you can go for the winter other then AZ.
to have so many friends and great weather too.    That's all for now.  Enjoy the sun and fun.  Love Carol
Jan. 25,2012
Some of you already heard about the wind we had here last week, it was clocked at over 66 mile an hour. 
 I felt like we were being buried in the sand, with the windows closed and door, we still had sand everywhere in the coach. 
 No damage was done to motorhomes nor to the park, frowns' were everywhere from the palm trees and one fell on-top of the rig sounded like a
bomb went off.  So glad when it was over.  Now we have had nothing but absolute beautiful weather,
around high 70's during the day and mid 40's at night.  Palm trees are standing straight and the air is clear to see the mountains. 
 Please no more wind!!

Several of us went to Jackalope Ranch the other night, it was a great Happy hour and had a wonderful time. 
 If you have not been to Jackalope Ranch you have missed a wonderful garden and food. Here are a few photos.

Entrance to the Jackalope Restaurant
Hwy 111 and Jackalope Trail, Indio CA

This is the greeting you get, a hog, the restaurant at one time was
going to be called Hogs Breath, but the original owner wanted

Nancy, her sister next to her Diane, Ray (Nancy's husband)
end of table & Marge, Joann (Mayor) of our park and of last

Bob and Ann

Jake and Nancy
this motorcycle is hand made of wood,
sets in the entrance of the
Jackalope Ranch Restaurant
It is always so great to get together with our friends, Bob Ann Jake and Nancy just happen to come to the Jackalope at the same time
we did, All of the above are our poker buddies, a great group.

I am off and running today, getting people to sign up for our Casino night here in the park on the 18th, we raise money for the kids in the area. 
I am Pit Boss again this year, love the volunteers, if it were not for them we would not have such a wonderful fun raising.  Until next time Love Carol
Jan. 20, 2012
Ok tell me why as I get older the days go by so fast , remember when we were young the days went so slow you thought you would never get to go out past 8PM, or have a date, or get your drivers permit. Now I am happy that I just wake up in the morning, &I proceed to do what?, and next thing you know it is already night and the next day. Time please slow down.

As you can see it is the end of the month and I am just now updating the web site.  I had so few people tell me that they read my journals and those that did respond had many things to say about the site.  So I am torn as to quit it or continue.  Will make that decision in the next month as that is when Go Daddy, my hosting site, will ask for their next years payment.  

Until today the weather has been wonderful middle 70's no wind low in the 40's.  Today that changed, we have had wind gusts 45-60 mile an hour and with the sand here in the park, we feel we are in a sand trap, even with the windows and door shut sand is everywhere.  Can't believe there is that much sand with all of the RV and buildings around.  The palm trees are swaying and bending have never seen one fall and hope they do not.   We do get hit by the fawns from the trees, in fact one just hit us hard will look to see if it did any damage tomorrow.

We did have a scare in the park the other night, An Alfa burnt down, apparently, they were in the process of having the recall repairs on the Norcold Refrigerator, when the service person working on the rig, said a part had to be bought back the next day but they could use the refrigerator, it caught on fire and they were very lucky to get out.  They are full timers and lost everything in the coach.  We had a fund raising for them, and thanks to all of the members, we were able to raise $800 plus groceries for a week in a matter of hours.  I can not imagine what they are going through, to lose everything in a matter of a few minutes.  If you have had a recall on your Norcold refrigerator make sure you take care of it right away.

Mike is doing fine, he is playing online with his poker and I am doing crafts and keeping myself out of trouble, that means not going to casinos. Will maybe one or two next month.  Until next month, yes only 10 days away take care. Love Carol

Jan. 03, 2012
A new year 2012, and to think when I was growing up I thought getting to the 2000 was remarkable, little did I know when looking at my Mom that she was young at my age,  I made a couple new Years resolutions which I cannot share, that way if I do break them I can blame myself with no one knowing.  Makes sense to me!   Hope everyone had a great New Year, we stayed up till 12 midnight and then off to sleep, not much excitement around the park that night, did not even hear fire works or anything made it a very quiet evening.

The weather has changed to a warm 79-80 degrees, here at Desert Hot Springs, it has been getting warmer not cooler, I am sure that as soon as this is published the weather will change.  I just hope the wind does not come up. We do have some trees to help block it this time as you can see, we are in site 166 just down from the pickle ball courts.

We will be here 2 weeks and then back to TT for a month, they have limit poker here at the park, $5 buy in plus a quarter (quarter for expenses).  The cost to stay here under AOR was $168 for the 2 weeks, we pay extra for 50AMPS.  Mike seems to have come down with a cold, there were a lot of people at TT who also had allergies or colds.  Hope he starts feeling better. 

My New Year wish, all of my family, (Bill who is doing great after having heart surgery), friends and people I have meet to stay healthy, drive safe, and keep in touch with us.  We love you all.  Until next week or month Happy New Year!
Dec 23, 2011
Can you believe it the year has gone and we start 2012,  We have had a great year, some expenses on the coach, some good winnings at the casino, and losses, we have each other and are so thankful we are alive and doing what we want too.  We have so many wonderful friends and are meeting new ones everyday, we cannot think of how we had lived in a house doing the everyday mundane things we did, work sleep and eat, the way we live now we don't know what we do but we do it all day long and are having such a great time.

Below are photos of a Christmas get together I had, most of the friends are poker players on Thursday and on the Tournaments on Sunday that Mike, I Nancy and Ray put on.  We missed Christmas day and everyone said one day a year missed is really bad, but hey it was Christmas.  Several of us went to Augustine's Casino for their Christmas buffet which was wonderful, where we ate to our hearts content all for a couple was $32.oo not bad for a wonderful dinner.  Of course while waiting some of us had to play, so that actually made the dinner a little more expensive but it was fun.

Nancy, Dorothy, Lynn, Gary, Ed, Sandi, Nancy, Jake

Marge & Bob

Lynn, Gary, Ed
Gary bought out his guitar and so did Ed and we all had a great time singing Christmas Carols. Gary also puts on the jamboree here in the park every Monday night, he has a wonderful voice and plays the guitar great.   We really enjoy hearing Monday nights, their are several great musicians who entertain us, with no cost to us Mondays are great. Thank you Gary


Linda, Larry, Vickie, Denny

Ray, Nancy
I set out the keyboard to see if anyone could play and behold Nancy plays, she has one back home, and seemed delighted to try mine out, we could not figure how to work it, as I could not find the book so she took it home and downloaded the instructions and is playing it. Glad to see it is getting some use.

Mike, Ray

Ed, Sandy, Nancy, Jake

Bob and Ann
Ann was presented by the Vikings hat by Nancy, they are rivals in their football teams, when time to tell everyone what she liked about Christmas, she spoke in a Very accented Swedish voice, she is so much fun and everyone fall over laughing, Gloria next to her as you can see can't stop laughing as we all enjoyed this present along with her. 

We are off to Desert Pools on Monday, coming back here in 2 weeks.  Of course we will be here every Sunday for the Texas Holdem Tournaments, Mike and I really enjoy putting them on and will miss doing so next year.  Yep that's right there is a 90% chance we will be going somewhere different next winter.   But of course Plan A usually come into play.  Since we don't know where other the maybe Texas (Rockport) where we have friends and the winter was not that bad 4 years ago.  So until then come join us for our games and have some fun. 

If you have read this page then email me back, as I am taking count of how many actually read this site, my Go Daddy account will be do this coming year and a wondering if this web site is read enough to warrant the money.  Please let me know.  Thank you

We are wishing everyone a prosperous New Year, safe travels and very good health. 
Take care everyone Love Carol