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January 21, 2010
We made it out of the water and into one of my favorite parks, there is so much going on here.  Tonight there is Texas Holdem, tomorrow there is water aerobics (actually Tues. through Fri.) card bingo, crafts to make and also craft sales.  Most of the people we meet here last year have returned, glad to see everyone.  We are in site 283, come on by. The weather is warmer here about 10 degrees, I get to  put on my short sleeves and no coat during the day. Love It.

Mike and I will put on a Texas Holdem Tournament this Sunday here in the park, that will be fun.

Not much too say right now, will let everyone see and read what we do in the next 10 weeks.
Take care everyone Love Carol
January 21, 2010
The rain is not letting up, for the last 4 days it has been raining, we are not under water yet, if this keeps up Mike will have to buy that boat he has been wanting. Here is what it looks like right now at 1PM they say we still have the rest of the day to get the worst of it.  Mike is sleeping through this, since there is nothing else he can do why not.

The canals looked like this before the rain, they put several pumps in them the last 3 night and drained so there would not be a flood hope it works.

I finally bought my NuWave oven awhile back, it works great, I can cook a 14 lb. turkey and a large ham now, cooked the ham and Cornish hens also a chicken.  Love it, it works great, even through I have the convection oven this will take larger meats and does not use as much electric.

That's today's update, everyone stay inside and dry.
January 19, 2010
  Taking a ride around the area, we have found there are plenty of golf courses and mountains, they are not as high as in AZ but they are pretty.

I have been spending time here in the park playing Pegs and Jokers, 65 ( it's like a game of rummy only you have wild cards and have to go out only on your draw.  Anyway there are a lot of people who play every night 65 so I have made lots of friends here in the park.  Bev who was at Pio Pico, site is right behind me, she & I play on Tues. the pegs and joker game, we always find 2 or 4 more to play.  I don't know where the time has gone as I am so busy every day.  It has been wonderful.  I set up my table at the craft show on Saturdays, selling the jig saw puzzles on CD, and my business cards.  The puzzles are starting to take off. 

A couple of people said they would like a way to reorder more, so that gave me a thought, yes I do think once in awhile.  Why not sell them from the web site.  That's right, they are now available to purchase on the web.  People love the thought of not having to pack boxes of puzzles, or pack them up, and never losing a piece.  You get to play anytime and save your position so you can go back to the puzzle.  It is great on the computer.  I have made pieces with regular edges and ones with wavy edges (Fran my sister calls them X's) also there are jagged edges.  All the puzzles are made from the photos I have taken across the USA.  They range from 120 pieces to over 460.  It has been great fun making them on CD and I hope that everyone will enjoy them on their computer.  Take a look Click here

We have had a lot of rain and it's not over yet.  We are not under water but last night I thought we would be.  Mike has everything packed up in case we have to get out of here in a hurry, all I have to do is put the inside stuff away and off we go.  It is cold the heaters have been running day and night. This is the first time in 4 years we have had to purchase so much propane.  Thought CA was nice in the winter, have to rethink next year. 

 We found a restaurant in the area that sells wonderful hamburgers, the RED ROBIN, I wrote about it on the restaurant page.

Looks like is starting to rain again, will close for now.  Will up date again when we get to Palm Springs.

Love Carol
January 05, 2010
Once again we have started a new year, here in Southern Calif. where the sun is bright and the weather is colder then last year. We were at Pio Pico in the San Diego area for New Years, did not like the place has you have read in last months journal.  Liked the area just not the park.

The park we are in right now is just behind a Dairy Farm, we were told there would be lots of flies, smell, only have had the smell early in the morning and no flies yet.


Mike wants to stay here for the full 3 weeks, I however would like to get to Desert Pools where we have friends. Ken & Marylou are work camping there, we haven't seen them since we all left Amado. 

I have meet several people from Pio Pico here and we are getting together to play cards, 65, pegs & jokers, no Texas Holdem, hoping that will change.  I understand there is a casino near by, maybe I will try a tournament there.  Gong to Temecula on Friday will have pictures of the old town this coming weekend.  Come back and see the pictures.

Take a look at the park we are in, click here

Until tomorrow. Carol