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January 12, 09
We have started a new year, here in Southern Calif. where the sun is bright and the weather can't be beat.  Mike and both had colds over Christmas and New Years, we are finally back to good heath and will start doing more sight seeing in the area.  We went to the FMCA Rally in Indio last Thursday, there were a lot of used and new coaches too see.  We found only one that we really liked and if Mike wins the Million dollar lottery we just might be able to afford it.

We will be staying here in the area after all until the end of March, I have found a doctor who can do my operation on my hand.  He seems to be good and I will be able to get both done without heading to Logan, UT during the winter.

We are staying a Catalina Spa Resort here in Desert Hot Springs until the 23rd then we head back to Indian Waters in Indio.  I love that park it is clean, friendly and has lots of activities.

Mike is hard at playing poker online, he plays everyday and it is hard to get him away from the computer.  At least he is winning his monthly subscription to the sight in fact last night he won $100 coming in first place, so for the $15 a month he spends I guess I can't complain.

This park we are in is nice, still like the Indian Waters park the best, althrough did not sell much at the craft shows.  Here at Catalina Spa did ok for my first showing.  Will be having that hand surgery a week from Monday so won't be doing much for awhile after that.

Can't get Mike too write anything lately so email him and tell him you want to hear his point of view.

Until tomorrow. Carol